Biogas – creating a clean and green energy future

The potential of biogas is vast – it can be one of the fundamental renewable energy forces for driving the economy into a green and clean future. Green Genius aims to be part of this transformation through supporting the best biogas sector practices.

Biogas is a perfect example of the circular economy

Using waste to generate clean energy and heat, biogas processes contribute to solving the biodegradable waste problem. Odourless organic fertilizers that can be used for agriculture are created during the biogas processes as a side product. Bearing in mind the size and importance of the agricultural sector in Europe, biogas projects also help to create a better environment to support the further development of the sector.

Biogas installations take in biowaste, such as plant waste (corn or grass sillage, grains and crops), food waste (from households and producers), manure from farms and put it through a special fermentation process called anaerobic digestion.
Anaerobic digestion is a natural sustainable process that occurs without oxygen and during which micro-organisms break down organic matter, such as that mentioned, above into renewable energy (biogas) and high-quality fertilizers (digestate).

Biogas can generate electricity and heat. It can also be upgraded to produce sustainable gas – biomethane for injection into the gas grid. By using organic products beyond the end of their service life, biogas is the perfect example of the circular economy.

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Biogas benefits

Green clean energy

Cheaper waste management

Efficient use of resources

Cheaper heating opportunities

How does
it work?

Green Genius in Lithuania and Poland currently operates 12 biogas installation with a total capacity of 12 MW. In 2023, these biogas installations generated more than 63 GWh of green energy, creating a cleaner and greener environment. Currently, the company is expanding its biogas portfolio in Poland.

You are kindly invited to take a quick video tour of the Green Genius biogas installation, located near Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. This is the most modern biogas installation in the Baltics – see it yourself!