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Why Green Genius?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, "Who am I right now?". Then ‒ perhaps even more importantly ‒ ask, "What is my mission here?". It matters in your personal life and is just as crucial for a company. Our company has the same mission as our people: clean air, a natural environment, a green future, and stopping climate change. Now, it's your turn to choose. DON'T WASTE YOUR ENERGY. Join us for changes that are needed right now.

What we believe in

Investing in future

Investing in future

Investing in profitable ideas that address future needs.

Working smart

Working smart

Less use of labour and smart use of capital and high-tech.

Trusting green

Trusting green

Ecology and sustainability.

Our teams

Solar, wind and biogas energy business development teams, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), operation and maintenance, as well as sales, traders and product teams, all contribute to the successful development, implementation and operation of our projects.

Meet our people

Reasons to join
Green Genius

Up and coming start-up

We are a rapidly growing international company, therefore, our team members make decisions that cross different countries.

Future focused

We invest in the future, and accordingly, we follow green and sustainable ideas in all our everyday activities.

A HUB for great minds

The best experts from different departments and countries are working in our company, thus, very valuable experience from professional colleagues are hand-reachable.

Encouraging creativity

We operate in a fast-changing environment that creates the freedom to think outside the box as well as to create and implement ideas. Do you have crazy ideas? Join us and let‘s implement them together!

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