Green Genius to offer remote solar power plants

From this day forward, Green Genius is offering to acquire remote solar power plants to the residents of Lithuania and start generating clean energy themselves. The solar park of 1 MW will be located in Utena and is expected to generate approximately 1000 kWh green energy from 1 kW a year.

Part of Green Genius’ solar power park may be reserved on online platform called Saulės parkai (Solar parks) launched by Ignitis Group. Through this platform, the energy users can purchase or rent a part of the solar power plant located in Lithuania. The users can cover their own electricity consumption with the power produced by the solar power plant.

“We notice a growing interest in the opportunity to become energy-generating users among residents of Lithuania. For this reason, we have decided to join the project “Ignitis Saulės Parkai” and to offer consumers an opportunity to produce clean and environment-friendly energy themselves. They will be able to do that by buying a part of Green Genius solar power park in Utena. By developing renewable energy projects, we seek to contribute to creating a cleaner environment, therefore, we will assess opportunities to offer more our projects on “Ignitis” platform in the future,” says Simonas, head of Green Genius solar team.

Link to the project:

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