Real estate developer: M.M.M. Projects

Solar panels are no longer the ugly duckling of renewable energy. In fact, as our project with M.M.M. Projects, a real estate project developer, demonstrates, they’re anything but awkward! The GREEN GENIUS solar power plant not only blends in optimally with the developer’s architectural landscape but also allows them to source renewable energy at zero cost to the environment.

Installed capacity: 66,7 kW
Energy demand: the energy produced by the solar power plant covers 1% of all the electricity consumed by the business center.
Project duration: we have completed the project in 3 months
GREEN GENIUS investment: 57.000 euros



Other projects

Business center: TECHNOPOLIS

Driven by the potential to lower their carbon footprint, Technopolis has turned to the GREEN GENIUS team asking for an affordable solar solution. We have designed and installed four solar power plants on the rooftops of Alpha, Beta, Gama, and Penta business centers. It’s the first solar as a Service project in Lithuania and took us only 3 months to complete.    In ...