Green Genius shakes hands with Nordex Group for 11 wind turbines and starts construction of Jurbarkas wind farm in Lithuania

Renewable energy company Green Genius, developing solar, biogas, wind, and hydrogen energy projects in 8 European countries, has signed a service contract with Nordex Group for eleven wind turbines supply. Simultaneously, Green Genius starts construction of its Jurbarkas wind farm in Lithuania. 

Jurbarkas wind park of 85 MW is located in South-West of Lithuania, a favorably windy area, which is nearly 50 km away from the shores of the Baltic Sea. The first phase of the construction, 63 MW, is already at its early stage. It will be provided with eleven, nearly 63 MW, of wind turbines by the Nordex Group in 2024. The rest of the 22 MW of Jurbarkas wind park is in the final development phase. It will require another five wind turbines, which provider will be selected later in the process.

“Wind energy is a crucial component in a mix of renewables for a stable and effective green energy supply. Therefore, we believe another 85MW in Lithuania, will notably contribute to the sustainability and energy independence of the Baltic region. Many thanks to our international partners Nordex Group for the exceptional service”,– said Ph.D. Darius Biekša, Head of Wind and Hydrogen at Green Genius.

Following the service contract, the Nordex Group also undertakes a Premium Service agreement for the maintenance of the Jurbarkas turbines for 20 years. Jurbarkas wind farm of 85MW will form appx 8,5% of the current Lithuanian wind power portfolio. It will provide green energy to the business sector operating in Lithuania, allowing it to save over 130.000 tons of CO2 yearly. To build Jurbarkas wind park in Lithuania, Green Genius will invest over €100 million. The end of construction is planned for 2025.

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